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About Us

Nancy found her love towards fashion in her childhood, when she participated in her mother’s dress-ups. She watched carefully how her mother did her best in combining clothes and accessories, just so that she can become stunning for an evening with her father. Later on, in her young adult years, Nancy found a great excitement in helping others, especially her family members and friends. It was then that she realized she loved making women feel and look beautiful.
Upon recognition of this talent, Nancy came up with her business extending her services to women all over Venezuela. Known back in Venezuela as the Shoe Lady, Nancy was not just selling the merchandise in her stores, but also help her customers to find a pair of shoes that were both good looking and comfortable. 

Today, you will find Think Stunning as a company established in Canada. Here, Nancy found again that ardent passion and joy of making fashion and help women look their best. Supported by her husband’s love and her three gorgeous little girls, Nancy build Think Stunning from scratch in Canada.

This time, her company is more than just selling shoes. Nancy decided to give importance to a very vital yet ignored at times, part of fashion known as accessories. She vows to provide every boring outfit a boost of sophistication through her work and is on a constant lookout for brilliant new designers and companies to join in partnership with her cause.
Think Stunning was created precisely to offer support for all the women that wanted to find that balance in their style, which will allow them to feel more beautiful, more feminine, more comfortable in their own skin. The advantage? More accessible prices than compared with reputable fashion houses, for accessories that are as stunning as those.






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